****Please Note*****

Annual Recertification Packets

The CHC will mail packets to all CCH practitioners, in good standing, the week of October 26th.  Only complete Recertification Applications will be processed.  You must:

  • Complete and sign the application form
  • Submit copies of CE documents and the completed CEU form
  • Include payment by check or credit card only and
  • Return by November 30, 2015 via regular mail to the CHC address as listed in the packet.

All documents and payment must be submitted together in order to be processed.



October 2015 examinees Please Note

You will receive your test results within 6-8 weeks.  Any inquiries regarding test results will be answered after December 4, 2015.


International Practitioners

About our certification process and who is eligible

The Council was established in 1991 to create a standard of professional competency for the homeopathic profession and to assist the public in their choice of homeopathic practitioners. We do this through administration of a certification exam offered to homeopaths that are currently residing in North America, and maintenance/publication of a national directory for homeopaths that have passed this exam. At this time, we do not offer the certification exam for homeopaths that reside outside of the US and Canada. Also at this time, the application process and exam is completed only in English, and candidates must be proficient in English to successfully participate.

Work Visas, Legal Right to Work and Job Opportunities

The CHC credentials homeopaths. We have no information regarding job opportunities for homeopaths in North America. We are unable to provide referrals, information or assistance for questions on work visas. Granting of the CHC certification does not provide any legal right to work in any North American country. All immigration and naturalization processes in North American countries are completely separate from the CHC, and internationally licensed homeopaths are advised to seek appropriate legal counsel for these questions. Please do not email us with inquiries on these topics.

Licensure and Legal Status of Practice

The certification the Council offers is not a license to practice homeopathy, and the legal basis for homeopathic practice varies by state or province in the US and Canada.